Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alternative Explanation of The Matrix

A massive meteor bombardment destroyed the Earth's ecosystem. So humans and a massively intelligent AI did what it could to save as many people as possible.

The AI needs to keep some outside the Matrix as a control and insurance against problems inside the Matrix. The AI spreads the idea that the Matrix "victims" are slaves and provide energy to the AI to keep the outsiders outside (even though the energy source claims are obviously ridiculous - the people in Zion are profoundly ignorant and bordering on outright stupid).

The AI kills the thousands of people in Zion every hundred years or so when they get aggressive enough to start destabilizing the Matrix, thereby threatening billions.

This makes more sense than the silliness of the movies anyway (which admittedly isn't saying much).

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  1. Interesting alternative ending. I like the original fan-made alternative ending, though: that they were all in the matrix the whole time, with the rebellion and deaths planned to keep them under control. It still didn't explain the energy BS, so I just extended it that this may be a lie to further keep them under control.

    The purpose of the matrix has so many possibilities we couldn't even pin them all down. It could be a simulation by extraterrestrials or future humans, as in the Simulation Argument. The machines may be using them to harvest organic material or as lab rats for the sake of gathering knowledge. It could just be one paranoid schizophrenic in the nuthouse hallucinating the whole thing to make himself feel important. Many, many possibilities.

    The anime Ghost in the Shell deserves the real credit for the Matrix movies' philosophical ploys. If you watch it first, the Matrix doesn't seem so original.